Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The JP Morgue Bunker Video

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  1. I hope all family get the message!Get some silver right now. The ride is just beginning! Jump on board its gonna be the ride of your life!

  2. Hey Whisperer

    Whatever happened with the 'crash JPM' movement? Now that silver is around $45, shouldn't JPM be taking massive losses on their positions? When should we expect them to feel the pain?


  3. Silver to me is like a water flotation device ... hopefully it will save me from the flood when it hits. Watching it go up in price no longer excites me. I know that there is the probable manipulation which might unwind in a beautiful manner... but, I can't help but to think that this is more a sign that things are about to get ... uncomfortable.

  4. Last week, the BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China – met and decided to dump the US dollar at the speed of light resulting in the US dollar doomsday, which is now underway!

    The financial markets will close Friday for good Friday Resurrection Sunday weekend, resulting in a 3-day holiday in the United States and a 4-day holiday in Europe. You can expect the goblins and ghouls of the financial markets to work their skullduggery by utilizing this extended holiday time period to work their financial destruction.

    Don't be surprised if a several-dollar paper market pull-back in precious metals prices takes place on Tuesday or Wednesday as the manipulators do their best to manipulate downward pressure on the precious metals commodity paper markets. This will not affect the price of physical acquisition as no one is selling their metals.

  5. Ben;

    COMEX Market Analyst Harvey Organ was moved to wonder about JP Morgan in his daily commentary today and is just as curious as you are:

    "Before beginning, I would like to emphasize the massive losses that have been inflicted on JPMorgan. I do not know how they are getting away from reporting these mark to mark losses on their off balance sheet derivative trading."

    We continue to watch with interest as the price of an ounce of silver surges past the price of a share in JP Morgan