Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bubble? What bubble?

Every once in a while it's fun to compare real estate here on the wet coast with other areas.

One of the things you hear right now is that international demand is going to keep pushing Vancouver values up, up, up.

And who can disagree. Eight months of dreary, endless rain make Vancouver a destination paradise.

And if you had the cash... would you want to live here? Or some crappy local like Hawaii?

Let's compare the two, shall we.

Hat tip to Vancouver_Bear who points out that you can currently procure this little 3 bedroom, 2.0 bathroom, 1,568 sq ft single family rancher home in Kailua. It sits on over 9,000 sq. ft. of land and comes with swimming pool, updated kitchen, indoor laundry, and mountain views.

Asking price $725,000 USD. Here are some photos...

Beauty, eh?

Or you can plunk down an extra $625,000 over and above the 'asking' price of that Hawaiian home and get this four bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1300 square foot dump which could easily pass as the local crack shack. It sits on a 1/2 acre property adjacent to the 401 freeway and just north of Canada Way (another freeway) & Sperling.

Available now for only $1,350,000.

I wonder if the ladders are included?


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