Friday, January 22, 2010

What the hell is a 'Froogle'?

Have you ever heard of the Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive (VREAA) ?

It's a unique blog that was started up in February of 2008 to serve as a repository for accounts of what people are experiencing and observing regarding Vancouver’s real estate boom.

For the most part the blog is a giant collection of quotes (with references as to the source) from the greater real estate community.

Yesterday they added an interesting sidebar to their blog.

Billing it as a 'serialized anecdote', VREAA aims to highlight the personal and social effects of the boom through a Vancouver couple who bought a house in September 2003.

'Froogle Scott' is the online handle of the Vancouver homeowner who will share his story.

From the introduction to the series by VREAA:

  • "The 2001-2010 Vancouver RE market has affected our city profoundly, and touched many of us in ways that have changed our lives. We started collecting anecdotes here at VREAA out of a fascination for the personal and social effects of the boom. A similar captivation has led a Vancouver homeowner to write of his own experience, and we are very pleased to bring you his serialized account, with its numerous anecdotes. ‘Froogle Scott’ will share his story of buying a house in Vancouver, and the journey that he and his wife have been on since that day in September 2003. In the first episode, we hear the story of the buying itself. Here begins one couple’s multi-faceted experience of this boom."

The series can be found on the main page of VREAA or you can access a permanent link to the series here.

I'm told comments on the entries are welcome, if you are so inclined.

Maybe someone can ask him what the heck a 'Froogle' is.


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