Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Bonus post for the day is your chance to buy this sub-million dollar mansion... err, doll house... on Vancouver's bubblicious west side (click on images to enlarge).

Have you been wanting to buy on the multi-million dollar west side but felt you have been priced out forever?

You're in luck.

Located in Point Grey at 4369 W 15th Avenue, this gem of a mansion/doll house is available at the amazing asking price of only $978,000 ($1.4 million after the bidding war).

From the listing description:

  • Freestanding detached home - the only one in Point Grey under $1m! A fantastic location & great design with high ceilings and wonderful natural light. French doors off kitchen / dining area to your own private back yard. Guest room / studio or work from home space, 2 bedrooms, renovated kitchen, OAK hardwood floors and wood burning fireplace. Newer roof, furnace & most appliances as well as a refurbished, gorgeous studio space. A few steps to Pacific Spirit Park and a short walk to 10th Avenue shops.

Presumably the second bedroom is located in the detached quarters at the rear of the property (see last picture below)... or do we call that a laneway house?

Will my grandchildren believe the stories I tell them?

For your entertainment, the view from the rear and some interior shots.

Check out the little detached portion at the rear of the property (would this be considered a laneway house?) I presume the bedroom pictured below it is in this structure.



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  1. WTF...Who are these people buying up such shacks for a million dollar. Makes you wonder about drug money or money laundering..

  2. $975K? You've got to be kidding me. This market never ceases to amaze me.

    When I was growing up, my parents had some friends who lived in a place nearby (close to Dunbar St) which had the exact same configuration. I used to house-sit for them occasionally, so I had a good opportunity to explore the place. And use their Nintendo, because mine was stolen (we're number 1 in property crime!).

    Well, maybe "explore" isn't the right word-- it's pretty small.

    But the layout's nice, and a workable alternative to living in a condo/townhouse. You get your own walls, no strata, and it's not a duplex.

    If it's the same design as the one I remember, both bedrooms are upstairs-- one above the front door, one above the kitchen. The defining feature that I remember about the place is the catwalk above the living room, and the skylights. The place was amazingly bright.

  3. I am being told it that is actually 10 years old, not brand new. There is a catwalk above the living room leading to the only bedroom in the house proper. The house is near 15th and Trimble.

    Quoting the ever positive spin by a Realtor friend: "Same price as a townhouse in the area, even better cuz u have land!!"

  4. Some assembly required, i think i saw one of these for sale at Ikea in Richmond last week. But in Richmond it was only $738,888.88

  5. It's just bizarre. What really blows my mind is the price difference between Greater Seattle and Greater Vancouver..I've been looking in the land of Starbucks lately, and for at most 50% of what something costs in Vancouver, I can get a similiar quality home, tax deductible interest, no state income tax, and less sales tax and a higher population base in the a near by comparable, it really drives home how out of wack van prices are in to be so high even with less disposable income....oh and prices are still dropping in Seattle.

  6. Only a 2 hour drive... but world's apart when it comes to R/E prices.