Saturday, June 9, 2012

Have I got a deal for you!

You know our housing bubble is big when the get-rich quick crowd set up shop.

Not even Ron Popeil nor the Slap Chop dude were this shameless.

Ever heard of Lucrii Investments?

No?... I hadn't either until a faithful reader pointed me to them.

And your gonna love this one (click on image to enlarge).

Lucrii Investments appears to be a 'wanna-be'  real estate investment club.

On their homepage, they offer you the chance to get in on the real estate gravy train even if don't have the cash to get in.
"How do you buy a million dollar home with none of yours or the bank's money, or obtain more properties when you have reached your limit to borrow?"
(I dunno? Scam others out of their cash? But I digress...)

Lucrii tells you you can do this by using "Creative Techniques":
How do you buy a million dollar home with none of yours or the banks money?

One can obtain between 60-80% cash value on a property from a hard money lender. This said the hard money lender will take an agreement with the property as insurance for their repayment of the funds. Because they only lend 60-80% of the FMV of the property this requires a deal where one obtains the property for 20% below FMV or more.

How can you obtain more properties when you have reached your limit to borrow?

There are other ways to obtain properties without borrowing. One type called a Vendor take back is just this. The owner or seller of the property agrees to hold the mortgage and take payments on their property with the ability to take the property back if payments are not kept. Now if your asking yourself why someone would do this, if they own the property out right and take the mortgage themselves they earn the interest rate not the bank.
Umm... okay.

Apparently their name,"Lucrii",comes from "Dei Lucrii", which are Roman gods of profit and wealth. Is that what these guys can offer you?
"Here at Lucrii investments we only deal with investments that yield the greatest profit, to do this we use a unique method to seek out only the most lucrative deals. This is the same system that has enabled top real estate investors such as Alan Casden, Donald Trump, and Theodore Lerner to be featured in forbs magazine. What this means for you is that you will be able to enter the 20%-50% below FMV arena, but what this really means is that you will be able to confidently take control of your profits there for taking you and your family to the next level."
Umm...? Did they really just call it "forbs" magazine?  Yup...

Okay... small typo.  Doesn't mean they're a bunch of amateurs, right?

I mean they tell you right here that they have almost a decade of negotiation and sales skills...

Plus... they bring you "only deals that are significantly below market value. This spells out profit wether  on a flip or purchasing to buy and hold."

(Umm... did they just misspell 'whether' too?)

So what is this unique method they use to "seek out only the most lucrative real estate deals?". What is this system that propelled Alan Casden, Donald Trump and Theodore Lerner to fame in Forbes (forbs) Magazine?


The contact numbers on the flyer and on the website are the same:
Scott L
Phone: 604-230-7825

Tyler J
Phone: 604-562-2148
I wonder what Google can tell us about these phone numbers.

Google is littered with results relating to the rave and DJ scene, specifically concert promotion.

In fact I'm willing to bet there's just over four years of results for Tyler and Scott ("almost 10 years experience.")

It's said that at the end of all speculative bubbles you have everyone and anybody piling in to get a piece of the action.

Clearly when it comes to our real estate bubble... we're there.


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  1. Great post today Whisperer, keep up the good work...

  2. Too damn funny man! Thanks for my Saturday morning laugh. I will pass this along to a few people who will agree....this is officially the end of the world as we know it once these yahoos are involved in the home pricing process....but who knows, maybe they will get lucky and some of the growing cadre of senile seniors will sign on with no questions asked.


  3. Cheers,
    That was good! I read the website "about" prior to getting to the balance of your post...funny.
    It would be a good lark for someone to meet up with these real estate cowboys. Welcome to the wild west.

  4. I did a bit more reseach. Here's the guy you would be dealing with.

    10 years ago, he was just getting out of diapers lol!

    1. And here is his business partner...

  5. The domain was just registered less than a month ago!

  6. A bit off topic; I saw Bob Rennie strolling into the new Urban Fare opening party in the Olympic Village on Friday afternoon. He walks up to the guy at the door and says "Hi, I'm Bob Rennie..." and the door guy says "Oh yes I thought I recognized you..." What a place Vancouver is now when local R/E agents are recognized as celebrities.

  7. There are so many idiots making, or trying to make, money in Real Estate. Many in years past have done quite well. Better than anything else they could have done in life. But the wave is almost over and what will they do now? They will have to get real jobs, paying real wages; not the inflated profits brought by easy credit and low interest rates.

    1. We might all just be happy that most realtors drank their own Kool-Aid and are as deeply in debt (if not moreso) than everyone else who plopped down a meager 5% and bought the dream. They honestly deserve what they have coming to them. Shame that they did such a wonderful job pumping up the market and screwing everyone else in the process....including those who rent who will be paying the price along with the rest.

      By the way...does that picture of Slap-Chop guy not make him look like a lizard? It is the weirdest of pictures. Guess that is how to get famous in the world of TV if being strangely memorable counts.

  8. I know of a number of MLS listings that do not have realtor yard signs in the front of the property. Why, if someone is trying to sell a property wouldn't they put a sign up? Is this another Real Estate agent trick to make it appear there are less listings out there than there really are?

    1. There are probably renters in the homes and the owners don't want them to know the property is for sale for fear they will move out. They probably can't afford to have the home vacant. I had a friend in this same position who only discovered his rental was for sale when a neighbour noticed it on MLS.

    2. May be renting. Don't want to inform tenant.

    3. Possibly in some cases this may be the case, but most don't look like rentals (not run down) and some of the properties are quite upscale.

    4. All rentals are run down and conversely all owner occupied houses look well kept? Interesting. I didn't know that.

  9. Ozzie Jurock is the master of them all!!!
    Working on his second lawsuit!Greed!

  10. This site gave me the insight & education that allowed me to convince my family to sell our home, rent and make investments in silver. I believe that our family is well positioned as events unfold in Europe and blow up the world as we know it. I will be forever grateful. Having said that, I cannot believe how difficult it is to try to convince my friends why real estate is such a bad place to put ones money . . .they believe that owning silver is idiotic and I must be losing it. Ah time will answer those questions. Vancouver RE was very good to us but that is history.