Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vancouver's foreclosure rate running at 6 per day in October 2013

As mentioned in the last post, Ham Solo has been posting daily foreclosure data on cases filed in BC over on the blog Vancouver Condo Info.

As of October 10th, there have been 48 foreclosures in the City of Vancouver.

That's a rate of 6 per business day at a time when record setting cheap interest rates are supposed to help people pay off their debts.

It speaks volumes.


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  1. It sounds high, but is there anyway for you to get historical numbers to compare this to? Is this low or high in comparison to the norms?

  2. I second that. This info is pretty useless in isolation if you are trying to suggest there's a trend here.

  3. Personally, I think this scenario was inevitable.

    I recall the early 80 when friends and coworkers walked from their mortgages and suburban neighborhoods were filled with "bank ordered" For sale signs.
    Snd before some smug realtor type says, " Interest was way higher and it will never happen now...."

    I point to the fact that Canadians have never, ever been this deep in personal debt......

    Idiots and their money.

  4. What "scenario was inevitable"?

    We don't have any reference.

  5. we are going to see the biggest crash and alot of foolish debt pigs are going too get burned even us tax payers that are well informed will be paying the price in taxes thanks mr harper for turning the liberals surplus into a big deficit that will last a long time. Stupid me for voting them in power. They were good when they only had a minority goernment