Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vancouver's Average House Price Drops From Last Month's High

As always, Larry Yatkowsky is out with the latest monthly real estate numbers and the average detached house price has withdrawn from last month's record high.

Vancouver’s Detached home average price has dropped to $1,209,542 from $1,361,023.

We thank Larry, again, for the prompt date he provides every month.


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  1. Haha, Larry thinks he's so smart, he tries so hard to be the Anti-Garth Turner. He says stuff like this is the new price paradigm, I guess this is the new price drop paradigm. This is just the beginning, sales haven't been good for a while, and average price probably won't show that. Median price would give us a better idea of how fast the market is falling.

  2. Van west side sales volume down 40% month over month. Does he "report" that? I gave up on Larry after he got all pissy with me when I didn't toe his line.

  3. Renting is and owning cost almost the same now. Prices will not go up any more. %rate can not go down any further nor stay as low for as long - it is unhealthy for the economy. Entry level home for 800k on 4.000 square feet lot in East Van, Richmond? Land does not cost this much ;) Gradual fall of the prices 30% over 5 years; Gradual increase of the % rate over 5 years to 4.5-5... this is the best case scenario...Agree?

  4. Great article by Rob Carrick on buying a home or renting and investing the difference