Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My level of concern about today's events in Silver

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  1. Oddly ... me too. I'm not sure when I will get annoyed... probably if it goes below 32. I will be upset at 25. However, and no matter... I will keep on buying... probably because I just can't imagine not doing it.

  2. They push that under 20$ and i sell my car and the wife car!

  3. Push it lower! I want more!

  4. To all the silver pumpers...told you so
    Whisperer..enjoy your posts but please keep them limited to RE..

  5. good point anonymous. why didnt i listen to you. now im stuck with all this 40 $ silver. geez

  6. Geez....

    enjoy your "$ 40" silver while you can..
    What did you do? sell your car to buy silver..geez

  7. Nope. Realized the economy was not going to recover. Then determined that there were very safe investments. Did my research, determined that silver and gold were probably the best ways to protect long term against inflation and currency devaluation, and then made a move.

    What did you do? Anything? Are you going to be that person on the street in a couple years? Don't bother answering. I won't read your response.

  8. L love it, when its a dip people are rushing it to buy! The traitors will be caught and trail criminally as traitor. (USA)

  9. There are two markets for the metals trading world: the physical acquisition world and the paper manipulation world. Every ounce of physical silver that is taken out of the paper manipulator's hands is one more nail in the coffin of the "pine box boys'” ability to destroy and manipulate the price of silver.

    Expect price swings that are extraordinary, but remember the vultures, the manipulators they are, rest on their perches looking to exploit any sign of weakness in those acquiring physical silver--buy more at these prices as they represent a gift from the greedy and controlling price manipulators!

    Exit all precious metal ETF'S now. Remember, if you can't touch your silver you don't own it! Tell all your friends and relative to shut up and buy!