Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Trigger

Just getting back from my own long weekend and it's gonna be too late for a proper post. Perhaps the most interesting developments on the real estate front this weekend is the release of two seperate reports that conclude that most homes in Canada are overvalued.

Doesn't exactly rate as a 'newsflash' to this blogs faithful readers, but I was drawn to this tidbit from CIBC bank economist Benny Tal:

“The fact that prices are overvalued today does not necessarily mean that they will crash tomorrow. A violent market correction needs a trigger such as the sub-prime crisis which ignited the U.S. real estate meltdown, or abnormally high interest rates as was the case during the 1991 property crash in Canada. Fortunately, that is not on the horizon this time around.”

I'm not sure which is more stunning. Seeing the big banks finally admit that real estate prices are overvalued... or the sheer audacity of denying that there are triggers present that could ignite the real estate powderkeg.

More on this during the week.



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