Friday, October 14, 2011

Part 4 delayed, Jim Rogers says Bernanke is lying

Part 4 of our 'History of Central Banks' is delayed.

In the meantime some great comments from Jim Rogers on CNBC who says US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is lying to us, QE 3 is underway as we speak.

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  1. QE to infinity is the natural choice for the bankers as it allows them to continue to game the system for huge profits. Of course, by keeping the economy alive through more debt and money creation, the real problem of too much debt will be magnified and the magnitude of the eventual crash will be that much larger. This is the 800lb Gorilla that the bankers, politicians, mainstream press and all the others in denial (like Garth Turner)continue to ignore. The denial and conscious avoidance of this reality will cost the 99% dearly, as living costs skyrocket and the ongoing malinvestment continues. Thank God some people are waking up and taking to the streets, since our politicians are as good as useless. I mean what do we pay these twits for, to sell us further down the river? What a joke!