Friday, April 24, 2009

Bank Failure Friday and the 'real' name of the Stanley Cup

UPDATE: Bankd Failure #29 - First Bank of Idaho, Fsb, Ketchum, Idaho
UPDATE: Bank Failure #28 - First Bank of Beverly Hills, Calabasas, California
UPDATE: Bank Failure #27 - Michigan Heritage Bank, Farmington Hills
UPDATE: Bank Failure #26 - American Southern Bank, Kennesaw, Georgia

Not too long ago our Prime Minister said, "there won't be an economic recovery until the U.S. financial system is repaired." So we dutifully scrutinize US banking developments with keen interest.

As faithful readers of this blog know, bank failures in the United States always seemed to be delayed until late on Friday afternoons. This has prompted many blogs to jokingly refer to fridays as 'Bank Failure Friday'.

So far 2009 is off to a record breaking year with 25 failures to date.

We wait with eager anticipation for today's carnage. Updates from the FDIC as they come in. We will post them in red as updates at the top of the post.

Meanwhile you will have noticed the 'Canuck Stanley Cup Countdown' which now occupies the upper right corner of the blog. The Village on the Edge of the Rainforest erupted into ecstatic joy last Tuesday as the hometown Canucks eliminated the Saint Louis Blues 4 games to 0. The Canucks are now through round 1 and patiently await their next opponent.

With the hockey theme in mind, I offer faithful readers a bit of hockey trivia you can stump your friends with.

The holy grail of hockey is the Stanley Cup. But did you know that 'Stanley Cup' is a nickname for the silver chalice?

T'is true.

Nowhere on the famous trophy do the words 'Stanley Cup' appear. Hockey's ultimate prize was donated by Lord Stanley, Earl of Preston, when he was Govenor General of the Dominion of Canada - and he did not name the Cup after himself. Instead he gave the trophy it's own unique name which is engraved on it for all to see.

If you look on the famous silver rose bowl you will find the actual name of the Cup. Click on the image below to read it for yourself.

And raise a pint for the Whisperer when you win the bar bet on this timely Canadiana trivia question.



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