Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mayor Moonbeam

For those who don't live in British Columbia, the cities and municipalities of our fair Province will be heading to the polls this coming Saturday for civic elections.

And while this blog doesn't support any party or individual, we had to chuckle at this creative youtube vid about the current Vancouver civic election issues and it's Mayor, Gregor Robertson (who has been dubbed 'Mayor Moonbeam' for many of his policies).


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  1. I'm not a property owner any longer (yes!!!), so I have no real concern about who is mayor. Something about Van politics smacks of high school student body elections. I have to wonder if the creator of this video has any concept as to what the future will hold with regards to costs of everything. Was cute for about a minute.

  2. This is freakin' brilliant.

  3. Brought to you by the the auto lobby, Cargill Grains and Monsanto.

  4. Attack adds appeal to the most irrational parts of our selves and are always intellectually dishonest. The creators of this piece of garbage have therefore shown that they should not be trusted and so no one should vote for them. This is not brilliant, instead it's a symptom of our BS democracy. You do realize that the creators of this thing believe that you're a moron right?

    Besides, with the high cost of living around here how else is one to eat and get around but with chickens in our backyards and bicycle paths?

  5. Oh get a life, relax and enjoy the moment

  6. It would be more interesting if the video showed where Robertson's money came from. He's loopy as a fruitcake, sure: but that never hurt anyone's political aspirations. But in all these dumba$$ policies, cui bono? Where's the money?