Monday, April 1, 2013

Gone for a few days...

Will have some links for you during the week.

Today, AA's biggest price reductions in Richmond last week.

And AA's biggest price reductions in Vancouver last week.

Macleans Magazine: The housing market has entered the twilight zone


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  1. I sent the editor of the National Post the following e-mail re: Financial Post Article on Allan Hoegg and the undisclosed relationship with his employer:

    I'm writing to you to raise some important issues which were raised by a Vancouver blogger regarding a Financial Post article from last week. Denise Deveau wrote an article about an older Boomer couple which were using their home as a source of capital. It was not disclosed Mr. Allan Hoegg is also employed by the mortgage broker (Mr. Rob Regan-Pollock) interviewed in Ms. Deveau's article. Ms. Deveau also works as an independent writer for Blue Sky Communications whose expertise is getting clients media attention. I believe there are serious issues raised by this article. I would invite you to review the information contained on the following blog.

    This was his response:

    Thank you for your note. I am aware of the blog and the issues raised there. We are looking into them now and will take appropriate action once we are clear on what exactly happened.

    Thanks again.


    Stephen Meurice
    National Post1450 Don Mills Road
    Toronto, Ontario M3B 2X7