Sunday, March 31, 2013

To all who drop by today...



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  1. Thank you, happy Easter to you too.

  2. Hi, Whispers,

    Happy Ester and thank you for the real info regarding Vancouver RE.

    I no longer trust media for their RE coverage, including CBC, sad situation for free press!

  3. Wispy

    Very happy Easter to you as well!

    With all the investigative reporting that you have done, I don't think that you will be on some people's Christmas list this year.;)

    Keep going, dude.

  4. It's been a little over a year since I stumbled onto this blog (and due to its wonderful sidebars many others), I have to say it just keeps getting better and better!

    It's great to be part of a like minded community when I mostly have to deal with RE pumpers on a day to day basis. This and other blogs are my oasis of sanity at the end of the day.

    Keep on keeping on