Friday, December 6, 2013

Fri Post #1: Lower Mainland Real Estate Listings numbers

As always, real estate agent Larry Yatkowsky takes the time to provide us with some fabulous data and stats.

The latest chart we would like to bring your attention to is this one profiling total active listings in the Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley/Chilliwack).

A quick gaze at the chart shows we started the year with a higher number of listings outstanding than in the two years previous, that listings soared higher than in 2011 but failed to reach the highs of 2012, and currently sit at roughly the same point as in 2012 (at which point total listings plunge significantly over the Christmas holiday period).

Larry observers:
The 2012 cycle saw Active Listings reduce to a low of 16,486. In contrast, 2011′s level was more severe with an end of cycle total amounting to 15,444 listings while 2010′s cycle surpassed that total at 13,965.

Will this years Active Listing cycle surpasses the low of 2011? It may be close for on the same day in 2011 total active listings amounted to 20,991 – a amount approximating this years total of 20,796.
We will watch over the next three weeks to see what happens.

As always we thank Larry for the data.


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