Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wed Post #1: Craigslist ad from Chinese student selling Lamborghini a fake?

About a month ago there was a bit of interest created when this Craigslist ad appeared offering a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Superveloc for sale for $388,888 (click on image to enlarge).

Said the ad:
“I'm returning to China next year after graduation so I have to sell it. Serious buyers only. Asking $388,888 firm. Will also accept trade + cash to take the car back to China. Value of trade must be $200,000 minimum. Must sell before Lunar New Year.”
To many it was another sign of the Hot Asian Money (HAM) that is credited with massively inflating property values here.  It is almost a Vancouver sport to spot Lamborghini driven by young Asian men sporting the new driver 'N' label which all people must display when the originally obtain a driver's licence.

It is the quintessential emblem that rankles regarding the whole issue of HAM. But is the November 11th Craigslist ad, which has gone somewhat viral since it's posting, legit?

Ian Young, who writes a blog for the South China Morning Post from Vancouver called "The Hongcouver", says evidence now suggests the ad is a fake.
Emails to the two addresses listed with the posting now go unanswered. However, the University of British Columbia’s student newspaper said it received a response from someone who claimed that the ad had been posted by a friend as a prank.

GTSpirit (a sports car website which extensively covered the Craigslist ad) eventually published a retraction of sorts: “We have since found out that the car is not really for sale and was instead posted by a friend of the former owner.”
Ah well. Purple isn't really our colour anyways.


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  1. I don't think I have seen a Lamborghini that WASN"T driven by a young Chinese kid. So who knows, the ad could have been real and the guy just decided to pretend it was a fake when all the attention was focused on it and on all the young rich communist party kids that now call Vancouver their temporary home.

  2. Lots of young westside chinese kids tooling around in very expensive cars. But are the cars theirs, or their parents? Bought or leased? Who really knows the truth? Like everything else in Vancouver, the truth is out there, but no one can say for sure what it is.

  3. "But are the cars theirs, or their parents? Bought or leased?".....

    Anyway you slice it, the point remains the same; these are sub 20yr olds driving around in $500K dollar cars!?!? Living (alone in some cases) in $2MM+ houses...

    Call them what you may, nouveau riche, princlings etc.... But it is an unhealthy faction that is creating a divisive society in Vancouver.

  4. Why does it matter to you people so much how other people spend their money?

  5. Vancouver is a dirt poor city compared to mammoth wealth titans like Los Angeles and New York