Sunday, January 26, 2014

2290 Saxony Court, the latest fake mansion poster child, sells at auction.

On Thursday we told you about 2290 Saxony Court, the latest fake mansion picture poster child, which used photoshopped pictures to create the impression of a sprawling mansion out of an overbuild monstrosity on a cramped lot.

Originally listed at $11 million, this developer's folly languished on the market with price cuts in May 2012 to $8,900,000 and in June 2013 to $7,500,000.

After going belly up, the house was put up for auction and the same misleading photos were used in another campaign where the presstitues allowed themselves to be used to create a the impression of a rocking 50% off deal.  Would overseas buyers step in to engage in a bidding war for a property, sight unseen?

Well today the hammer fell and the final selling price was $6.2 million.

I wonder if famed photos of the non-existant front yard were included?


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  1. What a story, fake pictures, misrepresentation and insane pricing. And what does it do? Sell for more! Lets go haters! Housing is going to zero, buy gold bitcoin blah blah blah blah.................

  2. it sold for less, retard..(less than the cost to build it)

  3. Someone had nothing better to do with $6.2 mm of purchasing power than to buy a few 'oooohs' from other hillbillies passing by.

    Lottery winnings really ARE different than earning it.

  4. I'd like to clarify, on the what misrep is actually being laid out. I know this mansion better than any of the people who put up these ridiculous articles. Worked on that project plastering for about 9 months. The "sprawling lawn pics" are not quite photoshopped bs but rather concept pictures created while it was still in the early stages of construction. I don't see any foul in that. Think about it--a company wants to see a vehicle for example, so they are going to use actual photos of it while on the production line with the "hillbillie button pushers" in the shots assembling it...? Do I need to explain? F*@k! Fact is that it was overly ambitious and a terrible location choice. Workmanship though---un-f*@king believable. Really awesome house to live in--somewhere else. The lawn and backyard were just tiny. Michael, designer/builder/president really worked his ass off though to make it even possible. He kicked me off the site one day b/c I showed up one day taking pics of our work. Lol Asked me to kindly f-off until I was working again (was much more articulate though). When he asked me what I really wanted, I said "your brain Michael" --the man is truly one hell of builder. Once you finally "get him". What a shame though all in all. Next project. Moving on.--Rich