Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014


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  1. dear whisperer

    HNY. enjoy your blog. note: the photo you posted is of tulips, not roses.


  2. Got one for you, Whisperer. Check out Dave Sheldon's sports comment on CKNW today, talking about Camilo wanting to leave the Whitecaps and Vancouver. I think is a permalink. Listen at 1:26.

    "Is Vancouver doing enough to educate their players on what a great city Vancouver is to live in, and the number of cultures that make the lower mainland such a diverse and wonderful place to live."

    What! You want to move away? Off to the re-education camps with you!

    1. the audacity of this guy thinks athletes need education on why vancouver is such a wonderful heaven on earth.......vancouver's media should change their license plates to most deluded place on earth

  3. 2014 is the year pot finally becomes legal everywhere. Once other jurisdictions see how much money Colorado and Washigton take in from this, they'll all be in.....NY is already consdiering it.

    What does this mean? Nothing less than the end of Vancouver's real economy, that's all. VCR real estate is a giant laundromat for weed proceeds. Take away illegal weed, real estate demand will crater.

    Happy New Year indeed.