Thursday, January 9, 2014

You've heard about counterfeit merchandise from China but how about a counterfeit city? And guess which city is being ripped off?

This is Weihai city in Shandong province, China. 

With mountains meeting the ocean and its temperate climate, Weihai was named as ‘China’s most livable city’ for 2013.

Now… whenever you hear about counterfeit merchandise, you almost always think about China.  It's not a completely undeserved reputation - the country does have a history of churning out tons of fake electronics, designer clothing and everything else you can and can't imagine.

But counterfeit cities?

Nicole, a blogger who writes about China, the Philippines and pop culture, recently received an interesting brochure for apartment units located at a new Weihai development called ‘Bay Palace’. Here is the brochure (click on images to enlarge):

Recognize the 'city by the sea' pictured in this brochure?  That bridge is a dead give-a-way, don't you think?

So why would condo marketers in China want to pass off a picture of Vancouver as the Chinese city of Weihai? Too bizarre for words.


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  1. As a Mainland Chinese co-worker has explained to me "In China, never ask 'Why?,' you will go insane doing that, only ask 'How?'"

  2. The tiny town I grew up in Wyoming was also cloned in China, copying everything from architecture to the name to even the fonts on the signs. It's so, so weird:

  3. If the U.S. can build an Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, the Chinese could certainly build a full-scale replica of Vancouver,. If not better, certainly cheaper.

  4. Seriously? Vancouver is not the only place on earth that is minutes away from mountains and water?

    Also, the article notes "city has no chilly winter and sweltering summer".

    Take that Weihai, you ain't got our rain.