Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tues Post #1: Is studying Gen Y providing a wake up call for Boomers in Real Estate?

“Boomers, wake up to this. A recent survey by Sun Life Financial suggests almost one in four Canadians see their house as their main source of income in retirement. Newsflash: Gen Y may not be able to pay the price you’re expecting to get for your home when you sell in the years to come.”
This gem of a quote comes from the Globe and Mail's Ron Carrick's latest column titled "Think Gen Y will prop up Canada's housing market? Think again."

Carrick closes with:
"If it’s not Gen Y’s economic struggles that cool the market, it will be the total disconnect between rises in house prices and income “


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  1. Throughout history, the 'Greater Fool' has often been the younger fool.