Friday, March 21, 2014

More Concerns Out Of China?

The bad news continues to flow out of China. The Telegraph reports that: Tumbling Chinese yuan sets off 'carry trade' rout, triggers derivatives contract
China’s yuan has suffered its biggest one-week fall in 20 years, nearing key trigger levels that threaten a wave of forced selling and mounting stress for those with dollar debts.
The jitters come amid reports of fire-sales of Hong Kong property by Chinese investors desperate to raise cash, some slashing their prices by 20pc for a quick sale. A liquidity squeeze in mainland China has already led to the collapse of Zhejiang Xingrun real estate this week with $570m of debts, the biggest property failure so far.
Meanwhile Hong Kong's The Standard, in an article titled Bankruptcy Looms, reports that in addition to the solar, coal and real-estate developer companies that are on everyone's radar as potential future bankruptcy candidates, one can also add steel makers to the list, with its report that Highsee Group, the largest private steel makers in Shanxi province has defaulted on CNY3 billion of debt, unable to repay its bonds on time.

Finally, a South China Futures Brokerage shuts down on "significant business risks"

Will the ripples be felt here?


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  1. I saw a variant of this story covered on BNN's "commodities" segment last week, regarding Chinese stockpiles of iron ore and rebar... just massive quantities of the stuff are piling up in storage.

    Then the companies use the commodities as collateral for various construction loans...but of course Andy Bell went on to say there was basically nothing to worry about..... (heh-heh!)