Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wed Post #1: Ron Paul On The "Illusion" Economy: "We are bankrupt and have been encouraged to take on more debt"

"So sometimes you have housing bubbles and sometimes you have housing busts, then you have housing bubbles and bond bubbles that's all [the] result of the manipulation of interest rates, which is my real objection to it." 

"So one half of our economy is socialized, because it's the control of the money supply, the control of the interest rates," "We don't believe they're capable of doing it and I think history shows that the record is pretty bad." 

"The economy on the surface looks good, but if you look at hardcore unemployment and standard of living of the middle class, there's still a lot of problems out there... So if we look only at the stock market, then we're in denial."

(Hat tip: Zero Hedge)

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