Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Ahh... another new year dawns. Welcome to my newest blog.

These are my whispers from the Village on the Edge of the Rainforest. Invariably they are whispers about the future of Real Estate in these turbulent times.

And while the topic is now debated openly (the need to whisper the dark and dirty looming secret no longer necessary), I welcome you to drop in on my thoughts and comments for the coming year.

I think you will agree, 2008 was quite the year.

The battle between the so-called 'Real Estate Death Watch' doomsayers and the pollyanna R/E promoters reached a cresendo with the brutal crash of the Stock Market in September/October.

After a year of trading insults and slugging it out in the trenches, it is now clear to the ordinary Joe that the Bloggers were prescient as they correctly diagnosed looming market madness. So self-evident, in fact, that several of the 'doomsayers' have pulled up stakes and closed their blogs... their purpose fulfilled; only the play-by-play of the collapse remaining.

But 'History' has not ended and a fascinating cascade of events is yet to unfold.

The Bears and Bulls of the Vancouver Market are gearing up, after their holiday break, for another round of cogitation to influence the hearts and minds of the Vancouver house buyer/seller.

Join me as we prepare to witness the unfolding story.

We truly do live in interesting times.

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