Monday, March 28, 2011

Bank of Canada says many are underestimating what's happening

On Saturday Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney was giving a speech to the annual meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank in Calgary.

He noted that commodity prices could continue to increase for decades (hello Gold and Silver) and encouraged central banks in emerging markets not to delay raising interest rates because inflation pressures will only worsen.

And you know what that means for interest rates, right?

"Everything else being equal, higher commodity prices usually necessitate higher policy rates. Even though history teaches us that all booms are finite, this one could go on for a long time," Carney said.

More warnings, but many want to know WHEN!

"Bringing that message back to Canada — even if the US Federal Reserve stays on hold through 2011, look for the Bank to start responding to rising commodity price pressures before long." BMO economist Douglas Porter said in a commentary.

Many figure it will come after the Federal electiion on May 2nd.

But by far the most significant comment came when Carney said, "some economies are postponing monetary tightening in the hope that old relationships will reassert. Others are resisting capital inflows. And all appear to be underestimating the scale of what's happening."

There are those who will pooh-pooh Carney's comments as more empty warnings.

They ignore at their own peril.



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