Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware the Ides of Farce (updated)

As the stock markets and precious metals plunge, a little Ides of March humour courtesy of williambanzai7 (picture above).

One of the key dynamics to watch here is the US dollar index. The Japan disaster is your quintessential black swan event. And as such there should be a flooding of capital into the safe haven of the US dollar.

That isn't happening this time.

And in the midsts of chaos, the banking cabal is taking the opportunity to try and slam Gold/Silver.

As always, analyst Harvey Organ comes up with an excellent analysis of what is happening at the COMEX.

  • "The banking boys showed up in London and in the USA doing their usual, by raiding paper gold and paper silver. The real stuff, they have problems getting. Silver fell by $1.70 to $34.12, as the bankers supplied massive unbacked paper in their attempt to show the world that everything is fine.

    The confirmed volume for Open Interest yesterday was quite good at 61,854. The estimated volume at the silver comex today was a monster: 101,076. That kind of shows you what kind of unbacked paper was supplied today and our regulators as always look the other way at this criminal behavior."

A farce to be sure. But the key dynamic is the lack of capital fleeing into the US dollar.

The COMEX is clearly stressed to provide physical silver. In a dual attempt to prop up the US dollar and shake silver from those holding it, the banking cabal is massively raiding the price of silver.

The intent is to create a panic and fear that the bottom will fall out from beneath these recent record high's. I suspect we will see another massive raid tonight to drive the price to the mid $33.00 range.

It's such an odd scenario. Make the price cheaper so that people won't buy more?

But with capital not flowing into the US dollar, will this tactic simply create a surge in precious metal buying?

We shall see.

On another note, on last night's Fox Business television network program "Follow the Money", five minutes were devoted to complaints of manipulation of the silver market by JPMorgan Chase and HSBC.

Cited specifically was the testimony of London silver trader and whistleblower Andrew Maguire at the March 2010 hearing of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Video of the segment has been posted at the Fox Business Internet site under the headline "Wall Street Conspirators Driving Spike in Silver" and you can :
find it here.

Sprott Asset Management has also come out with an excellent article titled "Debunking the Gold Bubble Myth". You can read it here.

Eric Sprott has also done an interesting interview with comments on Silver Manipulation, I will be posting excerpts later tonight after 10pm PDT.


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  1. I bought a bit today.... I just cant help but to think that when people figure out the US treasuries are about to be victimized, they will be questioning just where to move to. Ben Davies (Hind Capital) figures that the Japanese people themselves are going to need a safe ground.... when the Govt Japan can't count on the Japanese ppl to continue buying their debt... and move to gold. There is a loaded spring out there somehow... and it feels like there is a sharp point on it. Which way it triggers is the question.