Friday, March 18, 2011

Zero Hedge targets the Canadian Housing Bubble

One of the best sources for information for non-diluted non-mainstream media right now is the internet blog Zero Hedge.

For online news junkies, ZH is a daily must read - and almost mandatory you check in numerous times a day. And the site gets a lot of attention as a result.

ZH is much like the activist group Anonymous... contributions come from all over. Some stories get credited, some do not. You dutiful scribe has even had a contribution on the site.

So when ZH turns it's attention to the Canadian Housing Bubble, you know it's going to get exposure.

And in the wee hours of the morning (late last night for us West Coasters), Zero Hedge made this post titled 'The Canada Bubble?'.

The article is a reprint from the blog of Pension Pulse and is a lengthy breakdown of the Canadian Housing Bubble.

Check out both sites if the topic interests you.



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