Monday, July 9, 2012

The connection between the manipulation of LIBOR and the manipulation of Gold/Silver raised on CNBC

Yesterday we introduced you to the LIBOR scandal.

What was exposed is the fact that the benchmark interest rate, which is set in London by a small group of relatively unknown individuals... which affects wealth as a benchmark of value around the world... a benchmark tracked by the US Federal Reserve and the financial system, has been exposed to have been subject to manipulation by some of the big Banks, with the silent acquiescence of the government and their central banks.

This, as faithful readers know, is exactly what is alleged to be occurring in the Gold and Silver markets.

And with the revelations by Barclay's of their involvement in LIBOR (a market estimated to be as large as $800 Trillion dollars), how long before it is revealed that the EXACT same manipulation is going on in the Gold and Silver markets?

Today that very topic was raised on CNBC.

Gold and Silver manipulation is no longer the preserve of the tin foil hat brigade.

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  1. I for one, am very disappointed in the performance of gold and silver over the last year or so. Given the fundamentals of money printing and inflation we have, gold should be over $2000 an ounce and silver should be at least $100 an ounce, and likely should be more. I didn't realize the extent of the "dark forces" that want to manipulate the prices lower. Even central banks are extensively buying gold, so why is the price languishing if not for blatant price manipulation?

  2. ^ This is actually the best news possible for you... Love this news... it gives you confidence you were correct in buying it. With a little luck, it will somehow push down to $1000 for a few weeks.

  3. ^ ^ Want to feel even better about it yet??? Listen to Pento's interview on KWN today.