Friday, July 6, 2012

Fri Post #1: Realtor's bashing of Vancouver market goes mainstream

On Wednesday you met realtor Keith Roy. He's the westside realtor who is telling clients it's time to cash out of the real estate market in Vancouver before prices decline significantly.

On his website he noted:
If the media picks up on this story, you can be sure the rest of the market will follow the west side.
Well it seems Roy has been doing everything to ensure the media does pick up on his story.

Yesterday he was on TV on BNN and now the Financial Post has picked up on his story.

As John Andrew, a professor at Queen’s University, said it’s very rare to hear the real estate community downplay the market.

I suspect we are in for quite the battle in the media in the coming weeks.

(hat tip JR)


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  1. A nice PR stunt from Keith, although it's also refreshing to see opinions from realtor that's... let's say, opposite of that of Rennie.

  2. It's realtor's like this that will help turn consumer sentiment away from RE.

  3. Steel balls from "I am realtor;, nothing realtorian is alien to me"

    I love this little wimp. All his realtor friends hate him now.