Monday, July 30, 2012

Debt Bomb: The Global Financial Crisis explained in song - updated

A creative explanation of the Global Debt Crisis through the medium of burlesque striptease as Austrian economics is set to a catchy pop tune - with beautiful babes and everything!

Ultimately there's quite of few pearls of wisdom in the lyrics. Original song was Sex Bomb by Tom Jones.

Oh, baby! 
Oooh, yeah! 

Listen to this. 
Mortgage is cause of consumer shite, 
Government spending all through the night. 
Pensions and healthcare and welfare rights, 
education, wars to fight. 

Run up the deficit, ignore the facts. 
Blame someone else, put up tax. 
I can't deny, we had a crack,
but now we gotta pay it back. 

Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, You're a Debt Bomb. 
The addiction to credit just goes on and on.
Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, You're a Debt Bomb, 
A bailout... oooh, you turn me on. 

You know what you're doing to me, don't you? 
ah, ha, ha... I know you do. 

If you can't afford it, don't be ill at ease, 
Spend it anyways you've got voters to appease. 
Take the prudent savers and just give them a squeeze (Ow!) 
That's the economics of Keynes. 

One more time now! 

Quantitative Easing, zero interest rates, 
Steal from the future, hide the bad mistakes. 
We've gotta keep those asset prices high, 
No matter if the credit's dry. 

Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, You're a Debt Bomb, uh-huh. 
Try to pay the debt off with inflation. 
Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, You're a Debt Bomb, 
Malinvestment, Ooooh you turn me on. 

A boom caused by excess credit will always bust, Yeah!
You've then got two choices, decide you must. 
Abandon the addiction of credit lust, 
or the currency collapses... it just turns to worthless dust. 

Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, You're a Debt Bomb, 
Destroy the country's money, anything to carry on. 
Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, 
You're a Debt Bomb, Bubbles oooh, you turn me on.


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