Friday, September 14, 2012

Will we crack 20,000 listings in September 2012?

As the sales results started to on September 4th, the turn in the calendar marked the beginning of the post-summer season.

Summer is traditionally a very slow period, a time when listings are pulled.

And inventory did shrink. On August 1st we posted the month-end stats for July which trimmed -110 listings of the then-uninterrupted year-long gallop of climbing listings.

On September 4th we posted the month-end stats for August, which trimmed a huge -606 listings off of the August 1st total. 

It was a total of 716 listings that were wiped off the total inventory numbers - and the pursuit of the 20,000 listings mark seemed a climb to a goal which may have peaked and past.

But as we said on September 4th, the September listings watch was going to be intriguing and to date it has.

It only took 6 business days for summer's total of a -716 drop in total inventory listings to be wiped out.  By the end of the 7th business day yesterday, listings had climbed a rapid +829 - on par for a pace to make September either the 2nd or 3rd greatest listings gain month of the year.

It has some asking if we may actually crack 20,000 this month.

The watch continues.


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  1. Is there a Toronto daily inventory tracker anywhere? I found some monthly ones but no daily ones like here.

  2. milo said...

    Has anyone seen the two HPI tables produced by REBGV and Statistics Canada respectively?

  3. Well the "Boomer Trigger" is happening now in Parksville. Been watching this listing since last year @899,990 to $581,900 today. It was dropping 1k per day over the past week from 689 to now. I receive immediate updates so this site hasn't changed yet but it will...

    1. Thanks for the link, we'll profile this on Sunday.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, right. They thought I was plugging the listing. Well further to this they have changed it back to 680 so we went to see it. Open house realtor says the price change yesterday was an error. She also says the auction will continue with daily reductions.

      She grimaced and said the present owner turned down an offer of $865k last December. Place needs a lot of work but nice location - probably a knock down.

    2. Keep us updated on it. $900,000 down to $680,000 is still significant.

    3. This listings life started off last summer (2011) at over $1 million (see the realtors notes in the listing proper). So it is certainly worth watching.

  5. If increase in inventory keeps pace, looks like it may hit 20K by Sept 24 / 25!

  6. As the sales results started to (....what?) in September...