Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thur Post #1: CTV BC: Experts predict BC's real estate bubble will remain intact (played to the tune of 'when you wish upon a star')

Oh Tamara... really?

Is this the price we pay so that you can hang out regularly in Aquilini's box at Canuck games?

CTV BC came out with the above shill piece for the real estate industry's on-going campaign to tell you the real estate bubble won't burst - so you best buy now.


And the reason?

Supposedly, according to one real estate agent, there's "optimism in the air.  People are feeling happy, phones are ringing, it feels like we're back into selling real estate."

So it that what were hanging our hat on right now?  Attempts to manipulate buyer confidence?

Then we are fed the BS line that "new numbers are out today from the BC Real Estate association that back this up... signalling better times ahead"

Oh?  And what numbers are those?

Well BCREA pumper in chief, Cameron Muir, tells us that "the fundamentals in the market suggest that home sales should be stronger, higher than the levels were currently seeing."

Based on this wishful thinking we are shown this highly manipulative graph which - as the narrator tells you - is that "based on this, homes sales SHOULD be higher this year and next":

Really? Cameron claims his fundamentals say sales SHOULD be higher so we therefore forecast a 5.6% increase in sales this year and a 6.1% increase in 2014?

Then comes the gushing excitement that based on the fantasyland belief that sales "should be higher", then this means this "forecast uptick in sales is great for developers"  

Completing this daisy chain of fabricated logic is the Omni developer who says "we're seeing some real positive movement that buyers are coming off the fence."

Huh? OMG!

So... it's all about wishful thinking, now? That's what is going to make it all happen? And this passes as NEWS???

Incredibly that seems to be the level of desperation we're at.  Play the media with nothing more than BS to create the ideal that the market has no place to go but up in the hopes of creating some kind of buying frenzy.  Then you hype the 'fantasy frenzy' to manufacture the belief that a real estate uptick is underway and about to crest in the Spring air.

As always - you best buy now or be priced out forever.

Riiight. I truly believe we hit a new level in pathetic with this one.


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  1. Smells like last gasp media manipulation trying to set mindset for the spring. We can now officially put CTV and Global in the "gullibles" category.

    Too funny indeed!

  2. F@cking muppets.

    This galvanizes my lack of faith in the MSM, thank you to all the bloggers who bring the truth.

  3. CTV and Global stopped being real news organizations years ago. Now they are just mouthpieces for whomever pays them.

  4. Developers are manipulating the media because they are desperate and really worried

  5. Our local media: naive idiots who unquestioningly allow the real estate industry to write their stories for them.

    The perpetually stunned look on Tamara Taggart's face says it all.

  6. Can you tell what BCREA said at the start of 2012? So, that we know how right or wrong they were at that time. Also, if you know of 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.

  7. Yep, as they say....almays good time to buy - NOT.Tamara is just another pupet in the media, today she is real estate expert, tomorrow she'll be automotive expert a day after an expert on.... whetever pays the bills

  8. Go back to Weather reporting Tamara!!

  9. Tamara has the look on her face like she is being forced to lie...

    Yes, global economic rebound.... sure BCREA. We've come to expect lies from the shill industry. See what's happening down south? Eurozone? China? UK? 5 - 6% increase in sales from 2012? Sounds great but remember 2012 was a dismal sales year.

    In the video they admit prices will drop 2 - 5%. I believe Whisperer also showed a video were they reported that prices could drop 10% for 2013. Translation: Vancouver area RE is guaranteed to shed tens (if not hundreds) of thousands more dollars of "value" in 2013.

  10. Are they referring to the economic rebound where all the dominos fall on BC?

  11. not sure why the call cameron the puppet an expert.. all this does is manipulate numbers and figures.. heck if we had access to something like zillow like they do in the states.. we'd all be experts

  12. If we are into positive thinking, I am going to think myself to be an international supermodel. Vogue will hire me to model for them because the fundamentals are there. Fundamentally I believe that my height, weight, face, and age shortfalls can be overcome because I got a phone call the other day (it was my mom). But I feel the next phone call will be from a modelling scout who will finally get off the fence and sign me up. I am optimistic that 2013 will be my year.

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    Seller will include a 1994 - 320 E Class Mercedes convertible in purchase price.'

    Makes me want to rush and make an offer!

    1. Next, in addition to his 20 year old used car, he will be tossing in the buck-ugly furniture he has in that place.


  14. What a joke. Keep dreaming. It's already correcting. They are just making it worse in the long run by doing this.

  15. Anonymous - January 31, 2013 at 7:19 AM

    CTV and Global stopped being real news organizations years ago. Now they are just mouthpieces for whomever pays them.

    Along with everyone else that is posting that the media is manipulating things.

    Sure it's true but unfortunately the majority are still believing this, including realtors. Not sure what is going to get the public's attention and for sure it will not be pretty....but I repeat the public majority is still in disbelief.

    Reality is a personal connection with your experience(s). Real Estate is a personal experience therefore - you believe what you want to and ignore the real reality...if that makes sense.