Monday, November 15, 2010

QE, Interest Rates, Money Printing, the Stock Market and basically the financial times we are in... explained



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  1. This article in interesting in describing that the Fed has no exit strategy from QE, money printing, theft by stealth or whatever one chooses to call what the US government, I mean the Federal Reserve, which is neither Federal or a Reserve, is doing.

  2. There is no doubt there will be more QE with no plan to exit from the current situation. After options expire this coming Friday look for silver and gold to shoot up again. This week silver will be pushed lower. J.P. Morgan is in a massive short position with Friday looming.

  3. Hey Whisperer;
    I'd love your thoughts on this possible scenario. As I'm sure you know, and most people don't, the US Federal Reserve is not truly a branch of the government, instead enjoying a nebulous position in between government and private business.
    Could the ongoing "monetization" be part of a plan to shift as much toxic assets as possible to the Federal Reserve before all the overseers are suddenly "shocked, shocked to discover" etc what has been going on under their noses, hence cleverly relieving the big Wall Street banks of their stinking garbage and repudiating the debt involved? Some hapless patsies like Bernanke would need to be thrown to the wolves, but that's OK by the real masters. A new replacement to the Federal Reserve would be easy to set up, the amount of actual printed paper money is totally insignificant in the grand scheme, all that really exists is an immense pile of debt that can be repudiated as fraudulently issued. "So sue the (bankrupt and jailed) fraudsters! We are truly sorry this happened, but you really should have read the fine print a bit closer, you know."
    I'm having a hard time tying it all together, being far from a real economist, banker or politician, but it almost forms a picture in my mind. Almost.

  4. Where you been, man?