Thursday, May 5, 2011

Couple of quick links on Silver for you...

Busy day and not much time for a big post.

Great article on the blog Financial Sense titled: The Silver Bull Market Will Zig-Zag to $100 and Beyond. It gives a great review of the price of Silver over the last few years and reinforces many of the strong points in the case for Silver.

And then on Casey Research (scroll down page to second item) there is this post examining  How Far Does Silver Fall?

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  1. Ben Davis is on King World News from yesterday is talking a lot about silver these days. Normally, he is very gold oriented.

    I've got a few days out of town... Hopefully the price will stay depressed for a bit so I can get back in with the rest of the proceeds from my 1995 Mazda.

  2. I've been buying a few silver coins now that the price has dipped a bit. J & M (vancouver) stopped taking silver orders yesterday, and my guys here in Victoria stopped this morning. They tell me they simply don't like the enormous wait times they're seeing, and they can no longer justify taking money today for silver so far in the future. At some point, supply and demand have to adjust to equilibrium!

  3. Is there any interesting in putting together a small time silver / gold collector meetup .... or common interest page somewhere for Vancouver / Victoria / BC? The thought occurs, that at some point, there will be an opportunity to shift gears into another investment... where a group may be able to leverage. Drop a line here if there are any thoughts to that. ...V

  4. Your 2 links are the same, amigo.

  5. I'm interested in a little local silverbug thing. I know some other people who might be too. I own that i'm not using - I could put something up there. (i'm the one who posted the J & M tip)

  6. Link fixed, thanks for the heads up.

  7. Follow up: my dealer in victoria is now almost completely out of her silver stock. started the day with probably 10,000 oz, now down to 1000. Only selling grizzleys and 100oz bars. J & M only selling grizzleys.

  8. Nice!! Wow. I wonder what the lines are like at VBCE. I want to run over there.... but, I'm fascinated about whats going on.... this looks wild. I bet there is a huge bounce. I was figuring there would be a bounce to 45 and then down over the course of a week or two. Looks like the hit down was all at once. Crazy fun.

    Trevor... will touch base in these forums about grouping up a few of us... to compare notes. Not sure what I am looking to acheive... maybe just a sense of community. ...V

  9. Claymore Silver etf trading at 10% discount from NAV!