Friday, May 6, 2011

Silver is on sale... end result: Sold Out!

At one point today the spot price of Silver dipped down to almost $33.00.

Time to panic?

Seems there are a lot of others out there with my Alfred E. Newman attitude to this phase of the Great Silver Bull Run.

Physical silver buying is going crazy.  And the screen shot above (click to enlarge) is perhaps the best evidence.

ScotiaBank's precious metals e-store is completely sold out of all denominations of Silver on their website.

Now... bars and rounds have been sold out in the past, but Scotia has ALWAYS had Silver Maple Leaf coins available.

Today... nothing.

The bubble hasn't been bursting, Silver has been on a fire-sale this week.

If last week was desperation time for the banking cabal, next week could see the panic level raised to DEFCON 4.

If anyone is out trying to buy physical Silver, come on back to this blog and post what you find at your local bullion store.  It would be interesting to see who is able to source physical Silver, where and at what price.


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  1. Hi Whisperer,
    I live in Vernon B.C., and I have a few avenues for purchasing silver:

    1) Jewellery store: I purchased about 110 ounces from between $33-$40 plus a $5 premium per ounce. Currently sold out, and will only deal in 100 oz. orders in the future.

    2) Pawn shop: spot + $3 premium. I've purchased about 40 oz.'s, totally hit and miss on availability, currently sold out, and expects to get a few 10 oz bars next week.

    3) RBC: I haven't ordered any silver from them yet, but I enquired, and if I recall, the price was spot + $3-4 + $20 shipping, and a $2 RBC charge. I don't know current availability. ;-) I was going to go to RBC today and check, but I thought I'd wait until Monday because of the coming hike in margin requirements. Maybe the price will go down a bit, but ultimately I don't care about the price because of where I believe Silver is heading in the coming years.
    Thank you so much for your articles Whisperer, they are very enlightening!

  2. Hi wisperer, the recent silver pull-back , a total manipulation with arrogance it's incredible they do anything they want to do , they raised margin requirements from $9000 to $21000 in five days ! unheard of !!! then they contacted all the large commodity houses and said we want you to recommend the people get rid of their positions on the long side of the commodities an particularly in gold and silver and we want you to double the margin requirements so the $21000 that would be $42000 , there is no small investor that can handle that so they are all wiped out , the market is totally rigged says bob Chapman of The International Forecaster

  3. We have to spread the word to the world to take fiscal silver its the way to win. Talk to everyone every single day. This is a sure way to win. 500$ one oz maple leaf is underway baby!

  4. Jim Richard's counter seemed a bit forlorn this morning but he still had a 100oz bar for $3995, a $50 oz bar and a few ten oz rolls of assorted silver coins for about $41/oz. If I could afford a bigger safe deposit box - and had some spare cash - I could have picked up maybe 3 - 400 ozs.