Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eric Sprott on what happened to Silver last week... (Sat. Post #1)

And Bloomberg on a Gold/Silver outlook...

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  1. great links,thanks Whisperer.
    Think I gotta mosey on down to my local BNS on Monday and see if they can deliver any Maple Leafs.

  2. Doesn't mean I will buy tho...I might wait/watch over the summer

  3. There is a saying in the Silver community: "Sell in May and stay away til Labour Day."

    Some long-term Silver holders are comparing 2011 to 2006 and 2004. In those two years, Silver took big hits in Spring and both made it almost back to their spring-time highs by the end of the year.

    Will this year mimic those two years with a stagnant summer followed by sharp gains to the springtime highs?

  4. Out of curiosity - if one goes into a VBCE branch, would they have all the bars/coins listed on their site? I remember buying from a Scotiabank branch at it was a bit complicated.

  5. Depends on what they have in stock. A colleague was at the Granville/Bwy (10th) branch on Monday and they had no silver whatsoever in stock.

    Another colleague mentioned last night that the downtown branch is better stocked than the other branches.

    So it is a hit/miss proposal.

  6. For me, personally, I buy when I can at the price available when I can obtain some. I am not buying physical to play the dips, but buying for a long term position with the solid belief that Silver will go over $100/oz. Whether or not I pay a couple of dollars per ounce more here or there is irrelevant in the long run.

    I originally bought my first silver at $5.50/oz. Perhaps I could have got it for $4 somewhere else. Today it really doesn't matter.

    When Silver is at $100 or $150/oz, it won't really matter if you got it at $35 or at $45 in the big scheme of things.