Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tues Post #2: A Day Made of Glass

Saw this over on Mike 'Mish' Shedlock's blog and was wow'd by it so I thought I would share it.

It's a promotional video by Corning for Photovoltaic Glass and it's possibilities.


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  1. Looks very much like a video Microsoft put out in the 90s. That was for an iPad like device... but a bit bigger. Funny how MS visualized the iPad to perfection... but didnt build it. Im not sure if this video is cool or not. The fading glass has been promised since the 80s... where there would be LCDs in the glass to limit light. Other than that... would any of this really improve my life at this point? Maybe a little I suppose... but, realistically... I cringe at living in a glass house. (( Yes, Im speaking at several levels if you catch my drift )) Ironically, what really interests me is the Europe technology contest to invent graphene devices... that would give more of a Mass Effect look to the world, rather than a Star Trek. Now... THAT would be sweet.

  2. A nice vision, but seems unrealistic to me.

    The energy requirements alone for manufacturing all of this let alone installing it and/or refurbing our existing architecture would be incredibly costly, and we won't be in a place to do it if you follow any of the energy arguments the Automatic Earth raises.

    I also used to work for public transit, so I liked the glass info shelter they showed... but unfortunately I know that the nicer your shelter is the higher your risk of vandalism.

    Anyways, I suppose it's always good to dream...

  3. Fantastic!