Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Post #2: Inside Story: Gold, Trust, And The Federal Reserve - The Video Documentary

A National Geographic documentary that is a fascinating look inside of the Federal Reserve's gold vault (where we are told one quarter of the world's bullion resides) to NYC's diamond district and the gold-dealers on the streets.

This documentary takes you on a walk through the reality of trust, money, and gold.

As the narrator notes, "the Fed's discretion is so trusted that few depositors have ever asked to see if their gold is still here," except of course Germany.

This  must-watch video then progresses to the reality of our financial world where the narrator explains the trillions in money that is transacted every day "used to be backed gold, but is now supported by the promise of our government... The fact that it all works based on trust alone is simply taken for granted." 

As Zero Hedge notes, this leaves the ominous question of "who is in charge" of that 'trust'

Cue Ben Bernanke - who answers the question of what the world would look like without a Fed... bank runs, stock market crashes, and financial chaos.


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