Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Post #1: Real Estate Crossword Puzzles

Hilarity ensued over in the comments section of one of Vancouver's leading real estate chat sites yesterday.

The first post of the day to Vancouver Condo Info advised that the infamous MAC Marketing Solutions (you remember them... the condo marketing firm exposed for lying to and deceiving the public on various Vancouver TV news stations) has come out with a Vancouver real estate-themed crossword puzzle contest to celebrate their 50th contributing article to the publication New Condo Guide.

New Condo Guide readers are invited to overlook the fact this marketing firm has very publicly deceived potential customers by being offered a chance to win a $50 Home Depot gift card if they succumb to this direct marketing ploy.

The post generated a slew of responses on VCI, most making suggestions for MAC about potential crossword clues and answers:

(click on images to enlarge)

But perhaps the best was submitted by VMD who crafted VCI's own version of a crossword (click on top image to enlarge or fill it out and solve online here).

There's no gift card to be won, but you will get an unbiased insight into the Vancouver Real Estate  scene with the answers.

And that's worth more than $50 bucks any day of the week. 

Besides, answering VCI's crossword won't trigger a slew of marketing pitches by the very liars we saw on TV, one of whom is apparently still selling real estate to those gullible enough to trust them.


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