Saturday, February 8, 2014

China's CCTV: Canada's real estate market may be overpriced and could be headed for brutal correction

Hat tip: southseacompany.


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  1. "Canada's real estate market may be overpriced and could be headed for brutal correction" ...but, but a nice lady on TV in Canada says : It's different here..When a communist country media says it as is......what that does make Global TV , Province Paper and other media outlets ?

  2. Ah, survives against all odds, but it will not --- cannot --- ever again thrive. Separatism has just announced another showdown, institutional corruption is rampant, basic infrastructure is literally crumbling, and Bill 29 has just adopted racial bigotry as official provincial policy. It would have to be tourists / investors who are viewed as the target market for Montreal real estate....people who will never work or live there themselves, and so might not know what a morasse they're getting into.

  3. A "brutal correction" and in the next breath " a 5% drop".
    Who are they kidding. This is a joke. How is 5% a" brutal" decline?

  4. 5% decline ain't brutal. I do not think Canada's real estate market will significantly go down in coming months.

  5. Wait until the next segment... the video provided isn't the one referenced in the title. Wait until it completes and you'll see the bearish report.

  6. Real Estate in Vancouver never dies a natural death, it is always some outside event that kills it. Some economic shock such as rapidly increasing interest rates or a pullback in Asia would do it.