Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sun Post #2: Instead of a Loonie, was this Team Canada's embedded lucky charm in Sochi?

Canada has a tradition of embedding 'lucky charms' during our games at the Olympics.  For the past few Olympics that has involved embedding a dollar coin (the Lucky Loonie) in the ice surface somewhere at the rink.

During these Olympics, played in Russia, that wasn't an option. But did that deter us?

This morning 6 year old Ronin made an astute observation while watching the Men's Gold Medal hockey game.

Look closely at the Swedish player above sitting in the penalty box during the first period of today's Men's Gold Medal hockey game. Look inside his glove, which he has taken off and placed under his arm. You can just see a manufacture tag sewn on the inside of the glove…

It wasn't a Loonie, but our lucky charm was embedded notwithstanding.

(hat tip: the sharp eagle eyes of 6 year old Ronin)


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