Friday, September 25, 2009

Is the 'vicious' dog included?

It's Friday so let's go for another installment of the 'Million Dollar Dump of the Day'.

Today's treatise is this 2,400 square foot palace at 1520 Avery Avenue in the Marpole district of Vancouver. Lot size is 49 x 122 (or 6039 sq. feet). From the listing details (and we ain't making this up), "Note: Tenant occupied please do not walk on ppty weekends or Thursday mornings, vicious dog!"

Hey, what respectable crack shack doesn't have the mandatory vicious dog?

Asking price: $1,188,000

Remember, homes like these are a "relative bargain" compared to the rest of the world, So act now.

MLS link to the listing, vicious dog quote included, is here.


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  1. Bloggers who make libelous comments can be sued, and you have held this property out to be home when it is actually a attractively zoned development property.

  2. A million bucks for that dump? Vancouver is out of its mind. What kind of rent can they possibly be getting to support a $1.18 million price tag?

  3. Who cares if it can be developed. It's a rental. And a million dollars for that is insane.

  4. If they would throw in the dog for another 100k I am sold!