Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wed Post #1: It's election day

It's election day in the Province of BC.

As the Vancouver Sun noted four weeks ago, if you turn on any radio talk show you hear callers complain bitterly about the government. But increasingly fewer are taking advantage of the one opportunity they have to do anything about it.

In the 2009 provincial election, voter turnout dropped to a modern-day record low of 55% of registered voters.

Today it will be the people who vote that matter. The people who don’t, the folks that political scientists and commentators worry about, won’t be heard from.

Make sure you make the time to cast a ballot. You can go to the Elections BC website to find polling stations.


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  1. You are funny, still believing that if you will vote you will be heard. I fail to see that. Election promises are broken all the time and surprisingly (NOT) both parties end up executing decisions that seem to follow some hidden agenda that is not in the best interest of the people of this land and their legal counterparts - their legal entities that were tricked to believe that they are all employees of the BC Province body politics. The strings are pulled from some other place.

  2. It seems now a days with the way politics is, the voter's list is just a way for the gov't to find candidates for jury pools.


  3. The appetite to vote can be heavily impacted by the quality of the candidates - or lack thereof.

    If you were dissatisfied with your children's nanny you might not be very keen to interview a replacement if the only candidate was the Boston Strangler.

  4. Agree with above posts. I am not voting because no party deserves my vote. Quality is not there.

  5. who would u recommend W

    1. One of the names on the ballot. No endorsements from this blog, sorry.

  6. Perhaps vote Green, or non of the above?

  7. Platinum Party is the only party that understand what is going on, no candidate in my area but check them out, lot of good education. I listen to Jaguar every Thursday 2-4 pm on SpiritWolf radio.