Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Janet Frost RECBC Suspension Update

In our last post we told you how Janet Frost, MAC Marketing's Director of Sales, had been suspended for 21 days by the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC), a ruling that was released last week.

Frost has been with MAC for eleven years according to her LinkedIn profile, first as a sales associate and then as Director of Sales. It's an employment career with MAC that has spanned eleven years from 2002-2013.

During that time, however, she also spent a year with Maverick Real Estate Ltd in 2006-2007 - apparently working two jobs at the same time. The RECBC suspension cites the infractions as occurring when Frost was licensed with Maverick. 

In our last post we asked, incredulously, if this suspension could really be for actions from five years ago when Frost was listed as being with Maverick (2006/2007) and whether Frost was working with MAC, Maverick or both.

Today we were contacted from one of the buyers who launched the RECBC complaint:
I am one of the buyers that contacted the RECBC in regards to this deal. There are several of us that lost a lot of money on this deal as the developer went bankrupt and under Alberta laws, $30K of the deposit is released to the developer which we all lost.
This buyer tells us Frost was working for Maverick Real Estate at the time of the infractions and not MAC Marketing (even though Frost's LinkedIn profile states she was a sales associate with MAC during this time period).

If we get further details, we'll update you.


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  1. "21 days" should really be called a "involuntary vacation", not a suspension.

  2. Just like the senate, you cannot police yourself (or easy way out with little punishment).

  3. There's never just one cockroach...

  4. you know there is a mushroom cloud of townhouses being built here in langley. My question is where are all these people coming from to buy. Basement dwellers i hardly think so. Immigrants?

  5. Just a comment... This blog is becoming a little boring and repetitive. It always showcases real estate marketing wrong doings and reprimands. Don't get me wrong, these stories are interesting too. But, the main reason I read is to try to determine whether or not a housing shift in Vancouver is taking place and how drastic it might be.

    1. All those wrong doings and reprimands are a symptom of a shifting market and demonstrate how desperate things are getting, wouldn't you agree?

    2. Maybe these tactics are representative of a shifting market - but maybe not. I think that deceptive tactics have always taken place, even hot real estate markets. The "yellow helicopter" incident happened when the market was on fire.

    3. Says a lot about the industry when all these stories about wrong-doings have now become just boring and repetitive.

  6. It may very well be symptomatic of a shifting market. It's also relevant. But, maybe we could read about other aspects of the real estate story as well. Like: a decline in Hong Kong residents; drop in sales but not much in price Bob Rennie's prognostication of parents buying their children houses...

    I'm just looking for a few a few other story lines.

  7. WFTEOTRF - if there were more investigative journalist half as talented as you working with the Vancouver Sun - i would buy the newsprint.

    I greatly appreciate your work.

    Vancouver, and BC, need more of people like you to keep the checks and balances in place.

  8. I would think an external audit of MAC would be forthcoming. Where there is smoke....