Tuesday, August 23, 2011

America's National Debt: Where it originated, who holds it.

This is a great graph showing under which President the massive US debt originated and who currently holds that debt.

All President's prior to Ronald Reagan contibuted only $1 Trillion of the $14.5 Trillion debt. 

Ronald Reagan contributed $1.9 Trillion. George H.W. Bush $1.5 Trillion and Bill Clinton contibuted the lowest of the Presidents since 1980 at $1.4 Trillion.

Then comes George W. Bush with an astonishing $6.1 Trillion!

President Obama is up to $2.4 Trillion and climbing.

When you break it all down, the real problem is that the US has malinvested too much of its revenue in too many fruitless and unfunded projects like wars, overseas military bases, and other subsides to oil companies, banks, and multinational corporations.

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  1. Wow, George Bush owes America a lot of money!

  2. The 48 million on food stamps, 12 million on disability, 55 million on medicare, 9 million on unemployment ALL contribute to the problem as well.

  3. @bag holder:

    Notice all the other measures are in TRILLIONS?