Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Post #4: Futures down for tomorrow

Update (7:47 pm PDT): DOW futures -292.00
Update (7:23 pm PDT): Korean Stock Market down -9.36%, HENG SENG down - 7.41%
Update (7:04 pm PDT): Korean Stock Market resumes, plunge continues, down over 8%. Japan NIKKEI down 4.79%, HANG SENG down 6.79%
Update (6:48 pm PDT): Korean Stock Market suspends trading for 20 minutes, down over 6% (DOW dropped 5.5% today)

As we head into the evening the Asian markets are getting hit hard.

DOW futures for tomorrow are already down -272.00.  Yesterday futures were down -250.00 and the carnange by day's end was -634.76.  Will tomorrow be worse?

Meanwhile Gold has hit another new high of $1,740 plus. 

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  1. The sovereign debt situation has finally become crystal clear to the financial community. Sometimes people have to be hit with a 2x4 before the truth can be seen. The 2x4 in this case was the S&P downgrade.

  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeee ... What fun!

  3. Wow, gold is up about $80US in the last 24 hours. Expect volatility!