Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Post #2: Options Expiry Calendar (updated)

It's been a while since we've discussed the manipulations that go on with Silver (and Gold) on the COMEX and newer readers may not be fully aware of some of the times you can expect heavy shorting of the metals.

One of those times is the week before options expiry.

Above is the options calandar for 2011 (click on image to enlarge).  Options for Gold/Silver for September expire on August 25 (tomorrow) which is why the metals have been heavily shorted in the days leading up to expiry.

The next options expiry is on September 27th, which is a Tuesday.  Therefore heavy shorting of Silver/Gold can be expected as early as Thursday of the week before.

Other occasions we see predictable, heavy shorting of the metals is just prior to release of the nonfarm payroll employment numbers.

Nonfarm payroll employment numbers are released monthly by the US Department of Labor as part of a comprehensive report on the state of the US labour market. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics releases preliminary data on the third Friday after the conclusion of the reference week, i.e., the week which includes the 12th of the month, at 8:30 a.m. eastern time; typically this date occurs on the first Friday of the month.

Nonfarm payroll is included in the monthly Employment Situation or informally the jobs report and affects the US dollar, the Foreign exchange market, the bond market, and the stock market.

The shorting of Silver/Gold is done to support the US dollar when these non-farm payroll numbers are released.

Finally... anytime the US Federal Reserve Chairman speaks after a meeting of the FMOC, the metals are usually shorted leading up to his speech.

Two bloggers worth checking out who regularly follow the manipulations of the Gold/Silver markets and provide updates are Ed Steer and Harvey Organ.

From Harvey this evening:
  • The bankers again decided in their great wisdom that a raid was necessary to quell the demand for gold and silver. The world awaits Ben Bernanke's speech from Jackson Hole Wy. The market strongly believes that he will initiate QEIII. If he does not, then markets will tank. The fact that a monster raid on the precious metals with regulatory cover was orchestrated seems to indicate that that is where he is heading. I will deliver to you both sides of the story.

    The price of gold fell by an unbelievable $104.20 to $1751.10 at comex closing time. The silver price was also whacked to the tune of $1.12 to $39.16. Dennis Gartman liquidated another 1/3 of his positions early today along with yesterday's 1/3. I emailed the CFTC that maybe they should arrest Gartman for inside trading as he obviously knew that another raid was forthcoming today. I will remind everyone that you should not play at the comex. If you want gold or silver line up at the bank and get it. Do not play with paper gold or silver as these crooked bankers will fleece you time and time again. Please try not to use leverage as this is a big sin and again the bankers exploit your weaknesses.

    The comex has now decided to raise margin requirements on gold again tonight. It is amazing how this news was leaked. Gold will now become a physical market like silver.
I hope you find the information from these sources helpful. Remember, the funadmental reasons for the influx of money into Gold/Silver are still strong and while the spot price of these metals will fluctuate wildly, their upward price movements will continue significantly. Invest accordingly.

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  2. If you want to set something up, send it along and I will take a look.