Sunday, February 3, 2013

Home sales way down in Greater Victoria” CTV News Victoria

Home sales in January 2012 were way down.

And after January 2013, sales are down another 28% over last January.


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  1. Why do all of these "news" stories interview insiders? They will never be honest. "2013, will be a stable year?"!!!!!

  2. Buy, buy, buy! /sarcasm

  3. Brentwood Bay has a 20 unit condo development built last year that has a sign"Now Selling." It all looks empty.The ground floor office still has dirt floor.Numerous contractor houses they are all living in for a year(or 3)while they sunk a mil into the places,front lawns unfinished,rented out?Commercial space for lease in every building on the main drag.2 dollar stores,a Salvation Army and another charity for your shopping pleasure.

  4. Same old illogical mind bending conclusion to every report. Sales volumes have declined but prices have not. Buyers anticipating lower prices will be disappointed. It is as if the fundamental laws of human interaction have been revoked to please the "homeowners" who "know" the value their home represents and will not budge to indulge the home buying serfs. This should be a meme, "sales volumes down, prices firm, steady as she goes..." As if all the women in the world would suddenly become gorgeous, how generous would sugar daddies be all of a sudden?

  5. "2013, will be a stable year"....sure as stable as 2012. LOL - I love the RE folks these days, if they can't make a living in RE they should stand-up comedy

  6. When I go online and check listings via MLS and see something that interests me, I request the assessed value. Once this question is asked, it is amazing how the RE agent loses interest.