Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thurs Post #1: MAC Marketing Solutions president Cameron McNeill issues apology at CHBA-BC awards ceremony. Public and media still wait for an accounting

Every year the Canadian Home Builders' Association of BC (CHBA-BC) produces an annual awards program they call the Georgie Awards. It's an industry shindig to celebrate excellence in home building.

Says the CHBA-BC
Entrants and finalists exemplify the high caliber of expertise and hard work that is associated with CHBA-BC member companies.
Earlier this week the 2013 awards were handed out and a number of employees from the disgraced MAC Marketing Solutions were up for recognition.

Talk about your awkward situation.

It prompted the CHBA-BC to issue this statement on the MAC Marketing fiasco (click on image to enlarge):

The CHBA-BC was keen to stress that:
"the Georgie Awards® won by MAC Marketing Solutions were for projects not related to the recent news reports."
MAC Marketing president Cameron McNeill got up at the ceremony and made a speech/apology to the assembled throng.  You can listen to that speech here.  

This is what McNeill had to say:
… and what has ensued since then is, ya know,despite the fact that the media started to die down, it's had a chance for me to have a lot of self reflection and to really scrutinize, ahh, ya know our, our moral compass as a company. 
And, ahhh, I think it's really important to, ahh, for me to, ahh, to understand that. And today, I'm, ahh, I'm incredibly proud of of a MAC team of about 25 people here, ahh or 20 people here, this is my 20th year at the Georgie Awards and ahh, I've had, an incredible outpouring of support from people in the industry, ahh, the Canadian Homebuilders Association. I'm very, very, very proud of this industry and our place in it.

And despite the fact that our reputation has been bruised, our morale character remains steadfast and I'm so proud of that. 
I think I owe the entire industry an apology, and the media an apology, for any embarrassment that this may have caused, and any hardship that may have happened as a result of this, ahh, unfortunate incident. However, umm, I think it's really also important for us to use this as a celebration of the, uhh, high standards that we share as an industry, and that I know MAC represents. 
And, ahh, it is now my job, more than ever… excuse me, i'm (illegible) a little here, it's my job more than ever to, ahh, ensure, and it's MAC's job more than ever to ensure, that this never happens again. So thanks for giving me a moment and, ahh, good luck to everyone tonight.
McNeill says he thinks he owes the entire industry an apology and the media an apology.

We agree.  Although we would add that he also owes the public an apology too. And the proper forum for that apology is a press conference that addresses the unanswered questions about exactly what happened, who was involved and what has been done.

CHBA-BC may be satisfied with the response by MAC Marketing, but they are the only ones.

And since McNeill is clearly willing to speak publicly about the issue, it's now time to provide that accounting.

(hat tip derp for the audio)


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  1. Forget it. He'll take a tip from every other scandal-maker and wait it out.

  2. For guy who is probably a good speaker, the large amount of "ahhs" and "uhhs" is telling.

  3. what happened to this case:
    OTTAWA, September 10, 2012 — The Commissioner of Competition's case against the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) begins today before the Competition Tribunal. The Competition Bureau is seeking to ensure new and innovative real estate brokerage services are accessible for consumers through the Internet by prohibiting anti-competitive practices by TREB.

    We need in Vancouver

  4. Some recent negative comments on MAC Marketing's facebook page were deleted. That's all you need to know about their sincerity at making things right.

  5. That was not an apology.

    The public deserves better than this, and the media should be apologising as well. They need to fully explain themselves. The public trust has been betrayed.

  6. Am the only person who can't get onto It was there last night and poof! The website cannot be found. Remax hackers?

  7. Whisperer,

    Another enigma wrapped in a sleaze-blanket for you to figure out. Now, as everyone can see, condo lineups are gone. Yet projects still sell out by 50% in quick order and get financing to start building.

    Where are these sales coming from when showrooms are empty?

  8. has disappeared! Leading up to the disappearance it was exceedingly difficult to log on to the site. Error after error and then zap!

  9. Moral compass


    Anything which serves to guide a person's decisions based on morals or virtues.

    Is MAC Marketing serious? How can he tout this line after everything that has happened. Aaahhhh, Cameron, actions speak louder than words my friend. Your actions keep showing the opposite of a "moral compass".

    This issue reminds me of the oil crisis off the Gulf of Mexico where it took execs made inappropriate comments and it took a while for the truth to come a high cost to many. In this case, it's not just the real estate development industry, it includes hard working journalists, bloggers, PR professionals and marketers who, do in fact, have a strong morale compass.

  10. Mac Marketing Facebook page's comment has been disabled. It seams they are unable to sell the Porter development and are renting them out now.