Saturday, February 2, 2013

Richmond Update - "it isn't great" and Rick Mercer explains the housing market in 77 seconds

Recently we have profiled a few contributions from 'Alphabet Arnie', aka Richmond real estate agent Arnold Shuchat.

Shuchat has made a number of bullish statements recently, but what you have to admire is that he does tell it like it is when talking about specific market conditions on his blog.

Terra Nova is like a microcosm for Richmond Real Estate. And Richmond real estate is a microcosm for immigration. If Terra Nova is doing well, then Richmond will do well. So here is a snapshot of Terra Nova Real Estate over the last couple of weeks; and it isn't great.
Says it all right there.

You can see the full update on Terra Nova at the link above.

Meanwhile Rick Mercer and the Mercer Report comment on the housing market in a skit that says it all in only 77 seconds.

(hat tip Rob):

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  1. Love the video! Hilarious!

  2. You know we are in trouble when Rick Mercer gets involved.

  3. That was really funny. Thanks for posting this Whisperer!

  4. pretty much sums it up!

  5. OMG the Flaherty video is hilarious.

    Interesting as well, that the video calls out specifically risk of 0 down 40 year terms to overheat. Popular culture waking up?

  6. Huh? Arnie gets the regular stats. He sees that Terra Nova is trending terribly, states Terra Nova is a microcosm of Richmond... and he still shovels it when it comes to the outlook???


  7. "in the first place" hahaha

    Alphabet Arnie. OMG I have to meet him.

  8. We wouldn't have needed Flaherty's "Mixture" if Flaherty wouldn't have crammed his "Other Mixture" first down Canadians throats in 2006 to win a majority.