Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thur Post #2: Huffington Post states MAC Marketing Solutions being investigated for "dishonest tactics" - Updated

Update: Paragraph on Nic Jensen clarified

Earlier today the Huffington Post published their story on the MAC affair.

Titled MAC Marketing Solutions Manager Quits After Fake Investor Scandal, the Post states that the BC Real Estate Council (BCREC) is investigating MAC for "dishonest tactics."

This follows up on the notice being sent out to all real estate agents in BC, an indication of just how seriously the BCREC is treating this issue.

Sources indicate the BCREC is in the process of visiting all of MACs sales centres to "evaluate business practices" as part of their investigation. We are told this is standard practice with all large investigations.

Meanwhile there is speculation that the manager who quit is Nic Jensen.  Regarding the internet sources linking him to Amacon Development it appears Jensen may have recently joined MAC as either a VP or a senior manager. Media outlets advise they are seeking clarification from MAC.

A curious development on the MAC Facebook page.

In a response to the statement of MAC president Cameron McNeill, which was posted yesterday on MAC's Facebook page, a poster by the name of 'Ponzik Xenon' appears to allege that there may be efforts afoot to organize a class action lawsuit on behalf of purchasers who have already bought in the complex.

We're trying to confirm whether there is any validity to this claim.


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  1. If it's Jensen, that means really no one gets fired, as Jensen is probably on board as a single-project participant anyways.

  2. I wonder if Ponzik Xenon has a case of Buyer's remorse. Seeing the possibility of a condo crash slaughter, and using this fraudulent practice as an excuse to get out of their contract. It would suck to be the developer (Cressey) that hired MAC, but everyone needs to take some responsibility when the public finally wakes up. I guess they had nothing to whine about the last 10 years making money hand over fist when the public stood in lineups to buy their cornflake boxes in the sky. I wouldn't feel too bad for Cressey, or MacNeill either. Wasn't he vacationing with his family during this charade? In his weekend estate? Or was it Hawaii? Heck he can afford it, while his employees orchestrate theater to sell condos and put more money in his pocket.

    1. I'm sure that Ponzik Xenon has a case of buyer's remorse.If the buyers feel taken for a ride by MAC and now may have a chance to walk away from the deal.....they will

  3. Fake asians news hits major Hong Kong newspaper;

    “Bogus buyers exposed in scam to boost property market in Vancouver” Soth China Post

    Like that by-line about falling prices;

    “Deception aimed to create the impression that Chinese buyers are still flocking to buy into Vancouver’s housing market, where prices are falling”

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  5. To Mathew Black, CBC TV Vancouver

    Dear Mr. Black,

    The unconfirmed VP resignation from Mac Marketing should be investigated, as fake sales, fake buyers and fake senior manager go hand in hand.

    Please do not drop the ball this time.
    a CBC TV viewer

  6. And Mr. Black owns the public (at least to CBC TV viewers) his explanation on why due diligence was not performed on his part, though claimed to be duped by MAC.

    Does CBC require reporters to perform due diligence? Does CBC care about the public in delivering news without letting them cast a mist of doubt in the content?

    What do you think?

    1. No...that went out the door with investigative reporters. Now it is just ads dressed up as news

  7. Dear CBC, As a tax paying citizen supporting you, I do not wish to have Advertisemnts dressed up as news. If this is the best you can do than goodbuy and farewell to you CBC.